8 Cruise Apps to Download Now

When you’re not on a cruise, you’re planning one (or multiple). Sometimes you’re planning the next one while on the current one! Fortunately, there are a lot of applications out there to help.
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1. ShipMate  
Whether you’re looking to find out where your favorite ship is today, set a countdown clock, ask questions of passengers who’ve already sailed the itinerary you’re considering, or get info about ports from around the world, this app will help you out. My favorite feature? The “User Gallery” section is basically Instagram for cruisers.

2. Google Translate 
The app works offline if you download the language you’ll be translating, and you don’t need to be connected to data for it to work.  You can also use your phone’s camera and Google Translate will instantly translate any signs to English.  Very helpful when you are walking the streets and need to find the subway or maybe a bathroom.

3. Mobile Passport 
Not every port accepts Mobile Passport yet, but give them time. Right now guests sailing just about any ship out of Port Everglades or catching a flight at 20 major airports can use this app. What does it do? Four words: help you disembark quicker. No more filling out those pesky customs forms, because now you can do it right on your phone. This only works in conjunction with a passport and will not work if you cruise with a birth certificate.

4. Cruise Deals  
It’s really good for last-minute sailings. You pick which port you want to sail out of, the app displays the cruise line, the price drop, and the cost of the cruise. Great for showing itineraries and prices.  But if you use this app, please call me first before you book to see if I can get you a better deal or better amenities.

5. Cruise Critic  
You’d think the largest cruise website in the world would have an app that offered more than just forums, but let’s face it: That’s exactly what thousands of people think of when they think of Cruise Critic. Not only is the app a great resource, but one of the best features is the ability to get mobile alerts if someone responds to your question in the forums.

6. Porthole Cruise/Cruise Travel 
Love the magazines, but wanna save a tree? Consider downloading each new issue to your mobile device. This is especially handy since the magazines have a limited distribution area. Cruise Travel’s app is also great for folks who are looking for a particular back issue, as they are also available. Be aware, while downloading this app is free, the issues must be purchased!

7. Your Cruise Line’s App
While not all apps are created equal, all of the major cruise lines have an app you can download. Carnival’s Fun Hub has a countdown clock you can personalize with a picture, although the vast majority of the features offered by the various cruise line apps are designed to be used once you board the ship. Generally speaking, you can use the apps to navigate the ship, make restaurant reservations, and check to see how much you’ve spent so far… always a good thing to keep track of!
Search your cruise line in the app store to find their latest app.

And now the most important!

8.  Cruise Planners App  
This, in my opinion, is the most important app you should have on your device.  There are so many things you can do on this app, you will want to use it often.  Let’s talk about each section on the app.

  • Agent Feed – This is where you can see everything that we are posting via our twitter account or via Facebook.
  • My Trips – If you have booked a vacation through Julia and I you can see all the information on your vacation.  You will see your Itinerary, you can share your vacation via email or social media (don’t you want your friends to go with you on your vacation?  Vacations with friends are more fun!).  You get a planner to help you make sure you are ready for your vacation.  And finally, you can get a summary of your vacation, see our communication about your vacation, see insurance quotes, send in required forms, etc.
  • Find a Cruise – You can search for cruises from around the world.  You can narrow your search (I just did a search for all cruises over the next year and it brought up 25,404 cruises) to find the cruise of your dreams.  You can then find out more information on that cruise, and even book that cruise through the app (or you can contact us, and we’ll do that for you).
  • Notifications/Travel Deals – In these two tabs, you can see what the latest deals that cruise lines and Cruise Planners have available.  This is a great way to keep up to date on how to save money for your next cruise!
  • Messages – Send me a message and I’ll get it right away and get back to you  ASAP!

As you can see, there are a number of apps you can get to help you get ready for your next cruise.  If you only download one, I highly suggest the Cruise Planners app.  It will help you out in almost every situation.

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