Bucket List Travel – Where do you want to go?

venicescreengrabOne of our places that we want to visit one day is Venice, Italy!  Seeing videos like this, make us want to go sooner!

Check out this video from National Geographic.  This is just beautiful!

Julia and I have talked many times about what is on our bucket list.  This is something that has always been somewhat difficult for us to do.  It might be easier to make a list of where we don’t want to go: Dateland, AZ in August, Barrow, AK in January, ETC. (we have been to Dateland in August, and it is beautiful but just TOO HOT and I do want to get to Barrow someday, just not in January!)

Now that we are back in the travel business, we have started to put together our bucket list again.  Here are some of our top choices.


  1. Alaska (cruise and/or land)
  2. Hawaii
  3. Christmas Shopping River Cruise in Germany
  4. All Disney Parks we haven’t been to
    1. Disneyland Paris
    2. Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Sea
    3. Hong Kong Disneyland
    4. Shanghai Disney Resort
    5. Aulani (maybe mix this with Hawaii trip)
  5. Italy/France/Spain/EUROPE!!

There are so many places where we want to go.  Now we just need to make a plan.

Talking about plans . . . we have a big one we are planning for next summer, and we want you all to come with us.  We’ll be making this announcement in early January.  Please stay tuned.

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Please, let us know where your bucket list places are!

Bil & Julia

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