Do you only book cruises?

We hear it all the time, “What, you book more than cruises?”, “I didn’t know you could book non-cruise travel!”, “You only book cruises, right?”  This is something we wanted to talk about real quick, and give you an idea of what we do. 

Yes, our agency is called, “Cruise Planners”, and yes, we do plan cruises.  But our tagline for our agency is “Your Land and Cruise Experts”.  See the land portion in there, we do land travel as well.  If you can dream it, we can probably help you plan it.  

Now our specialty is cruises (ocean and river) and Disney vacations (cruise or resorts).  This is where our expertise comes in.  We know cruises and Disney extremely well, and we are going to get you the best possible deals and make sure you are having the best time possible with any cruise or Disney vacation.

Now, even though we are cruise and Disney specialists, does that mean we can’t or won’t book other vacations?  Not at all!  We want to help you find the best vacation possible, and we are going to help you out.  We have helped our clients go to Paris, Rome, and many other places that were not on a cruise.  We can help with airfare, hotels, tours, transfers, train trips, etc.  Now there may be a time where we feel you might be better served by working with one of our travel agent friends because of their knowledge, so we may refer you to them for help.  This goes with our goal of making sure you have the best vacation possible.  

So, don’t worry about asking us about helping with your vacations!  We love what we do, and that is why we joined Cruise Planners, helping people plan their vacations.  Julia loves working with clients and helping them realize their dreams.  Bil is the one with spreadsheets, lists, maps and time schedules trying to put the puzzle together.  Together, we work helping you to have a stress free and relaxing vacation (unless you are on an adventure based vacation, then we want you to have a stress free and exciting vacation!)  

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